Durer is a global market leader dedicated to the manufacturing and servicing of monolithic refractories with four decades of experience. Providing the right lining equipment and the right solutions to the iron& steel industry, cement industry, nonferrous metallurgy sector, petro-chemistry plants and oil refineries is our longest standing objective. Besides our high quality production Durer offers customized& accelerated installation and maintenance services to ensure our customers’ superior performance and productivity. Durer’s immediate response to the changing demands of the industrial market through our commitment to technical innovations and problem solving design enhances the company’s position as a reliable provider.

The principle of continuous improvement pushes Durer forward in product diversity. With a current manufacturing capacity of 50,000 tons a year and a plant equipped with the latest technology, Durer is happy to be in the service of its valued customers. The operations of our two sister companies also answer the further demands of the refractory market. These are Haznedar Refractory, situated near Durer and Vardar Dolomit, based in Gostivar.